Apr. 15, 2019

HARRISBURG – A bill authored by Rep. Torren Ecker (R-Adams/Cumberland) which adds strangulation to the Crimes Code and Domestic Relations Code to a list of applicable “crimes of violence” passed the House today.

Currently, strangulation is listed as a primary offense, meaning those proven guilty of the offense would only face minor punishment such as a fine. Under House Bill 854, prior strangulation convictions will be recognized and considered upon the occurrence of subsequent related events and judicial procedures.

“My bill protects victims, especially women suffering from domestic abuse, from repeat violent offenses,” said Ecker. “It saddens me that such a horrible and dehumanizing act of violence is only treated as a primary offense still today. I’m glad to see my bill pass the House, and I thank my colleagues for their support of this important, life-saving legislation.”

Specifically, House Bill 854 will amend section 9714 of the Judicial Code, section 6711 of the Domestic Relations Code, and sections 5702 and 2709.1 of the Crimes Code.

The bill passed the House 188-10.

Representative Torren Ecker
193rd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Alison Basley