Apr. 07, 2021

HARRISBURG – The House today approved legislation by Rep. Torren Ecker (R-Adams/Cumberland) to ensure records relating to COVID-19 are retained for an extended period of time.

“I believe it is very important we keep these records for a longer period of time so that we can learn what worked well and what did not work when responding to COVID-19,” Ecker said. “The Wolf administration’s response has been plagued with inconsistences and contradictions. It is imperative we review the steps taken to ensure what went wrong will not happen again.”

House Bill 854 would require that state agencies and their contractors must retain COVID-19 records for 10 years after the current State of Emergency Declaration relating to the pandemic, which has been in place for more than a year, comes to an end.

Records to be retained include pre-decisional deliberations about an action, as well as records created in connection with an action of the executive agency or contractor.

A similar version of the legislation was approved by the House last session. House Bill 854 is now in the Senate for consideration.

Representative Torren Ecker
193rd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Greg Gross
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