Jan. 09, 2023

HARRISBURG – Emphasizing that voter identification is a necessary tool to support accountability and accuracy in elections, Reps. Thomas Kutz (R-Cumberland) and Torren Ecker (R-Adams/Cumberland) today began seeking support from their colleagues on a proposed constitutional amendment to require voter ID at the polls.

Kutz and Ecker have circulated a co-sponsorship memo to obtain bipartisan support of the legislation they intend to soon introduce.

“Every eligible person should have the right to vote and be able to exercise that right freely and with confidence that his or her vote counts. Eligibility needs to be established, however, through identification, which is not unlike the ID cards we need to show at a doctor’s office, a bank, or even a library, Kutz said.

“Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly support and want voter identification, and they should have the right to vote to add this measure to the Pennsylvania Constitution,” Ecker said.

Publicly available polling data demonstrates the vast majority of Pennsylvanians support identification requirements. In fact, a 2021 poll by Franklin & Marshall College places the level of support at 74%.

The Legislature approved language for a potential constitutional amendment in its 2021-22 Session. If the identical language is passed again in the 2023-24 session, as is planned by Kutz and Ecker, the question of ID would be placed on ballots for voters to decide if the State Constitution should be amended.

The proposed amendment would allow for both photo and non-photo options to be on the list of acceptable forms of voter ID.

Kutz and Ecker said they support making ID cards free to those who cannot otherwise afford them.

Representative Thomas Kutz
87th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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Representative Torren Ecker
193rd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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